September 26-28
Stockholm 2019

Looking Forward. Forward Looking.

The future is dynamic and constantly in flux, shaped every day through our behavior. In order to create the future we want, we must pay attention to the structures, habits and basic assumptions that surround us. We believe the future belongs to those who are able to navigate uncertainty, know themselves, question the status quo and pursue a vision with grit, hope and compassion - the elevated entrepreneurs.

But we’re not here to give answers, we’re here to ask the relevant questions. How do we best prepare the entrepreneurs of tomorrow? How can we imbue the notion of lifelong learning into all generations? What is the ultimate purpose of education? These questions lie at the heart of global entrepreneurship education and we are thrilled to invite you all to participate in the conversation. Join hundreds of educators, researchers and change-makers from around the world for this year's GCEC conference in Stockholm September 26-28.

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The GCEC annual conference is a global event on entrepreneurship education, hosted this September 2019 by SSES in Stockholm, Sweden.
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